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fireplace against a stone wall
Veneer Stone - Design Surfaces

Natural Stone Look for Your Home

fireplace against a stone wall
Elevate your home with architectural stone veneer, skillfully crafted from natural stone and capturing genuine stone's elegance. We offer short lead times and competitive prices for any residential or commercial project. No matter your taste, we provide an extensive product line that enriches any architectural style.

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Classic Series Swatch


Classic Series


These captivating large tiles recreate the graceful stone seen on breathtaking architectural wonders. Each style complements Classical and Contemporary design aesthetics.

Wood Stone Series Swatch


Wood Stone Series


WoodStone's thin concrete veneer makes it a low maintenance product that reproduces the appearance and texture of real wood. It boasts heat and insect resistance, allowing for installation in nearly any environment.

Designer Series Swatch


Designer Series


A distinctive collection featuring a wide array of chic contemporary profiles. Smooth and intricately textured, these veneers were meticulously crafted for designers seeking to add minimalistic styles to their projects.

Cut Stone Series Swatch


Cut Stone Series


The Cut Series showcases an assortment of profiles mirroring the appearance of natural thin-cut veneer sourced from North American quarries. Embrace the natural textures and vibrant tones that make this style so desirable.

Villa Stone Series Swatch


Villa Stone Series


The idea blend of stone shapes and textures that epitomize European classic architecture. Villa Stone showcases the same attributes that are so sought after at European villas and chateaus.

Ledgestone Series Swatch


Ledgestone Series


Our extensive collection of ledgestone profiles recreate the exquisite quarried ledgestones that are quarried across the nation. Choose from a huge range of shapes, sizes and colors that compliment any project from rustic to modern styles.

Ashlar & Rubble Series Swatch


Ashlar & Rubble Series


These expertly crafted stones harken back to a time when artisan masons chiseled limestone blocks to erect grand structures. Featuring sculpted textures that can be seamlessly installed into an ashlar or coursed pattern.

Irregular Shaped Stone Series Swatch


Irregular Shaped Stone Series


These asymmetrical stones emulate a wide variety of fieldstones and river rocks found in the Eastern United States. Showcasing textures naturally formed from erosion and a rich palette of earthy tones, these stones blend seamlessly with outdoor environments.

Thin Brick Veneer Series Swatch


Thin Brick Veneer Series


Our extensive collection of thin brick veneer is offered in a variety of sizes, textures and hues. Get the captivating appearance of full bed-depth brick without the need for additional wall tie support that's typically needed in standard brick installations.