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Artificial Grass - Designer Surfaces

Water-Free Grass Saves You Thousands

Design Surfaces Flooring America buys its synthetic grass directly from the manufacturer, allowing for prices that are 30%-50% lower than "the other guys." Artificial grass is commonly used as an alternative to real seed-grass; primarily in residential landscaping and year-round putting greens. While a healthy natural lawn may be ideal, it is impractical in our region of the country to maintain a thriving lawn. More often than not, natural lawns in the Southwest become brown, weed-infested, money pits costing hundreds of dollars each month and requiring endless hours of maintenance.

Waterfree Grass on the other hand, is a one-time purchase that virtually eliminates weeds, grooming, water bills and most other hassles that accompany natural grass. Installation is easy and your water-free grass investment will quickly pay for itself.

Select Artificial Grass Styles


We've consolidated the various products to bring to you only the grasses offering the very best construction, longest warranties, softest feel, best value and most realistic colors. It's the best of the best at the lowest prices.


Eco Friendly Artifical Grass Close Up


Eco Friendly


A 1.75 inch pile, polyethylene monofilament with thatch construction. Designed specifically for landscape application to enhance recovery. Its use is recommended for light to moderate traffic and is built to truly replicate grass.

Starting at $2.49/sq.ft.





Featuring a 1.5 inch blade height that helps it achieve a natural grass-like appearance, Mulligan has a polyurethane coated backing to provide greater seam strength and durability.

Starting at $2.99/sq.ft.

San Diego Artifical Grass Close Up


San Diego


San Diego features a 1.75 inch blade height and a 70 ounce pile height to recreate the look and feel of grass. It also has a polyurethane coated backing to increase seam strength and durability.

Starting at $3.99/sq.ft.


Why Choose Artificial Grass?

With Waterfree Grass you'll enjoy a year-round, weather-resistant, kid & pet-friendly, colorfast, hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly, soft, fun lawn! As the region’s largest and most experienced artificial grass provider you can rest assured that our free advice, quality materials and guaranteed low prices are completely unbeatable!

You can even install artificial grass yourself. Our step-by-step DIY instructions allow you to easily complete most water-free grass projects in one day. Achieving a beautiful lawn year-round with artificial grass has never been so easy.