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Carpet in Farmington, NM


Looking to remodel your floors with the luxuriously soft texture of carpet?


Welcome to the ultimate destination for all your carpet needs! At Design Surfaces by Floor Trader in Farmington, NM, we take pride in offering our local customers top-notch carpets, affordable prices, exceptional designs, and unparalleled customer service. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is dedicated to guiding you through every step of the process. We invest time in understanding your lifestyle needs, design aspirations, and the existing space, ensuring personalized recommendations for the perfect carpet fit. This approach empowers you to make an informed and confident purchase that will bring you joy for years to come. To complete the experience, we provide professional carpet installations carried out by trusted local experts. When you're ready to explore our diverse carpet options, visit our showroom in Farmington, New Mexico!


soft textured carpet in a peaceful childrens bedroom


Types of Carpet Available at Our Local Carpet Store


At Design Surfaces by Floor Trader in Farmington, New Mexico, we meticulously curate our carpet selection, providing versatile styles that cater to various budgets without compromising quality. Tailor your choice from an array of carpet materials, including stain-resistant fibers like nylon and polyester, as well as options for pile height, density, and twist to best suit your preferences. Whether you envision a plush carpet for your bedroom or a resilient patterned carpet for your stairway, we can turn your ideas into reality. Explore the diverse carpet options available, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal at our local flooring store in Farmington, New Mexico:


Frieze Carpet:
Frieze carpet, crafted in a cut-pile construction, offers exceptional softness. Its durable curling fibers are renowned for effectively concealing dirt.

Loop & Loop Cut Carpet:
Crafted with uncut loop fibers on the surface, loop carpet comes in various styles. Level-loop carpets, whether woven or tufted, feature a uniform loop surface. Multi-loop carpets boast loops with two or three different pile heights, presenting a casual look ideal for concealing foot traffic. Alternatively, cut-loop carpet provides a snag-free consistency, particularly popular for households with children or pets.

Patterned Carpet:
Carpets with patterns are created using modern printing methods. Showcase your unique style with bold patterns or infuse subtle personality into your space with patterned carpets.

Saxony & Textured Saxony Carpet:
Saxony carpets, featuring a cut-pile construction, introduce a touch of luxury to any room. Resistant to wear, shading, and traffic marks, Saxony-type patterns ensure durability. Textured Saxony employs the same fiber types, twisted in different directions to provide a coarser appearance. 



Popular Carpet Styles in New Mexico


We are dedicated to providing a diverse range of carpet styles in New Mexico, encompassing both timeless, classic designs and the latest trends to cater to every taste. Currently, our sought-after durable loop-cut-loop patterns continue to be popular, adding a touch of unique style to your home. Additionally, the relaxed textures of Frieze carpets are favored for creating a calming, soft ambiance in bedrooms or any space where peace is desired.


Discover esteemed carpet brands like Karastan, Tuftex, Godfrey Hurst, Masland, and Dixie Home, with SmartStrand standing out as our most popular choice. Rely on our design experts to bring your design visions to life. Whether you're seeking guidance to kickstart your project or already have a clear aesthetic in mind, we are here to ensure the success of your flooring remodel!


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What Are The Advantages of Choosing Carpet?


Choose carpet at Design Surfaces for a blend of comfort, style, and practicality. Our Farmington customers continue to choose carpet for its variety of benefits and advantages, including:


Enjoy Professional Carpet Installations with Trusted Local Installers


Protect your investment in new carpets with the expertise of our skilled Farmington carpet installers. We provide professional installations ensuring a swift and precise finish that not only looks beautiful but also endures the test of time. Our team arrives at a convenient time, armed with professional tools to properly prepare your subfloor, lay the carpet padding, measure and cut your carpets, and seamlessly stretch and install them. Rest assured, we are equally committed to the success of your carpet remodel with our Adore Your Floor Guarantee. This guarantee assures you'll love your new floors, and if not, simply give us a call, and we'll fix or replace your carpets at no extra cost to you. Ready to start your carpet remodel?

Contact us today to begin exploring all our carpet options! We are proud to serve Farmington, New Mexico, as well as the surrounding San Juan County communities. 

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